Peninsula Health Care District Governance

Transparency cling FINAL Outlines PHCD_Page_1

pdf-icon Authorizing Statute

pdf-icon Bylaws

Board Policies

pdf-icon Board Designated Funds

pdf-iconCompliance with AB 1234 Biennial Ethics Training

pdf-icon Conflict of Interest

pdf-icon Code of Conduct/Norms

pdf-icon Director and Employee Reimbursement and Annual Disclosure

pdf-icon Election Procedures

pdf-icon Filling Mid-Term Board Seat Vacancy

pdf-iconInternal Controls Over Accounting Transactions

pdf-icon Public Records Requests

pdf-icon Public Records Request Application for Inspection and Copying

Organizational Chart

pdf-icon Organizational Chart

Enterprise Catalogs

SB 272 requires that local agencies provide a list of system enterprises utilized by the agency. The following link will take you to the system catalogs for PHCD.