Public Review Process

Opportunities for input and involvement

The process for reviewing the proposed Master Plan for the Peninsula Wellness Community  will have multiple opportunities for public input. It involves an environmental assessment, staff evaluation, and review by the City of Burlingame appointed and elected officials.

The District submitted the plan to the City in the fall if 2015, and the City then entered into a contract with David Powers & Associates for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) of the project.  An EIR is the highest level of environmental review and will assess the project for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). It will include a comprehensive evaluation of traffic, air quality, pedestrian access, aesthetics, solar, sound, and many other environment-related items.

To begin the EIR process, the Planning Commission held an EIR Scoping Session on January 8, 2016. Soon after that, the District altered the project site plan to accommodate the FAA flight path requirements for the new helipad at Mills Peninsula Medical Center.

The revised site plan was submitted to the City in November 2016. The Planning Commission will hold a public Environmental Scoping Session for the revised plan on January 23, 2017. A draft of the EIR will be available for public review and comment in the Spring of 2017. Those public comments will be addressed in the preparation of a final EIR document.

When the EIR is complete, the City will prepare a project staff report that considers the information from the EIR as well as the City’s guidelines, policies, and goals. The Burlingame Planning Commission and City Council will then hold public hearings to review and discuss the Master Plan for the Peninsula Wellness Community. Throughout the EIR preparation and the City review process, the public will be notified of  numerous opportunities for input and involvement.


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