Grant Program Overview and Request Guidelines

The District is now accepting applications for the 2020 Grants Program.

2020 Priority Health Needs:

  • Obesity and diabetes
  • Healthy eating and active living (healthy behaviors)
  • Substance use disorders
  • Sexually transmitted diseases/infections
  • Health disparities (relative to health outcomes or access to health care services)
  • Health of aging population

2019-2020 Community Grants Program Timetable

September 13, 2019  Letters of Intent are due in District Office by 2 PM
November 01, 2019 Full Proposals are due in District Office by 2 PM
December 12, 2019 Board takes Action on grant recommendations
January/February 2020 Grant checks distributed at annual Community Partners Celebration

Grants Program Policy and Procedure

Grant Request Policy and Procedure 2019

The Peninsula Health Care District grant making process is:

  • Accessible
  • Transparent
  • Objective
  • Fair
  • Impactful
  • Accountable

Core Elements of the Community Health Grants Program:

1. Letter of Intent:

  • A Letter of Intent Form has been developed to guide each grantee submission and to standardize the content submitted by applicants.
  • The Form is available HERE and by directly contacting the District office.
  • Letters of intent are reviewed by the Board’s Community Health Investment Committee.
  • The Committee determines which will move on to Full Proposals.

2. Full Proposals:

  • Organizations will be invited to submit a Full Proposal. At that time, a Full Proposal Form and Submission Guidelines will be available.
  • The Community Health Investment Committee determines which organizations to invite to present to the committee and/or participate in an on-site visit.
  • The Committee finalizes its recommendations based on the merits of the request, its compliance with District priorities and guidelines, and the available District budget.

3. Annual funding cycle.

Funding will occur annually. Grant requests are processed in the fall quarter each year and checks are issued in January. The District may, at its discretion, modify the funding cycle and fund distribution to carry out its monitoring and accountability responsibilities.

4. Decision making and accountability.

The Peninsula Health Care District’s Board of Directors retains full public accountability for its activities, including the investment and use of the public benefit funds. The Board has sole responsibility and authority for the allocations of funds and will carry out its deliberations with full transparency and adherence to its Conflict of Interest Policy.

For more information about the Peninsula Health Care District Community Grants Program, please call (650) 697-6900.