Wellness Landscaping

An environment for wellness.

The landscaping for the Peninsula Wellness Community has been designed with special attention to the physical, psychological, and social components that can help create and support a holistic environment for wellness. The outdoor spaces are designed to provide a wide range of experiences from calm contemplation to active participation. Plant materials that appeal to the five senses will be used to create various zones of experience. Landscape features such as seating and raised beds will enhance an outdoor environment that promotes wellbeing and connected relationships.

Physical componentsIMG_0040

Walking routes and small meandering pathways will promote physical health by providing safe and attractive areas for developing strength and stamina. For individuals with impaired memory, there will be strong points of orientation and tactile materials and plants that will help enhance sensory perception. Microclimate areas will have trellis structures and tree canopies for comfort control. Mobility areas will offer spaces for practicing balance, range of motion, and physical flexibility.

Psychological components

The outdoor spaces will include private, semi-private and public spaces, such as balconies, courtyards, and gardens. These areas will help to create self-identity for senior residents and encourage interaction with members of the broader neighborhood. Garden spaces will provide activities for older adults and “edible garden” programs will serve a wide spectrum of ages and abilities. Other types of semi-private and private open spaces adjacent to individual buildings will function as meditative and contemplative spaces.


Social components

GardeningNumerous seating areas throughout the site will encourage socializing. Moveable outdoor furniture will serve various gatherings and groupings. There will be a variety of areas for group activities such as yoga, play, and conversation.