Specifications and Details


The buildings proposed for the Peninsula Wellness Community include senior housing, support services such as rehabilitation and therapy, working spaces for professionals and researchers, a “Hub”, and a café. Community Gatepath will remain on the site and may be housed in a new facility with a preschool, therapy areas, and offices.

Specifically, the community will include:

Senior Housing                                                              400 units
(Includes Hospice Care and Assisted Living)

Senior Support Services                                             100,000 sq. ft.
(Includes Rehabilitation & Therapy)

Professional Office/Research/Conference             250,000 sq. ft.

Hub/Flex Space/Community Dining                      35,000 sq. ft.

Community Gatepath                                                 30,000 sq. ft.

Café/Amenities                                                            15,000 sq. ft.


Placement, height and massing

The proposed buildings in the Master Plan are designed to fit into the context of the surrounding community and are situated and designed to minimize solar impacts to the adjacent neighborhood. The senior housing is located along Marco Polo Way on the northern section of the site, clustered around a central “hub” with services and gathering spaces. Taller buildings are placed along Trousdale Drive and are set back from Davis Drive adjacent to the hospital’s main parking lot. The size of the project is less than what is allowed by the zoning for the site and is consistent with the Northern Burlingame-Rollins Road Specific Plan.

The massing of the buildings is sensitive to solar angels to ensure that the maximum amount of sunlight is available to the open spaces on the site. In addition, studies have been performed to ensure that no building will create shaded areas on adjacent residential areas.

The buildings are arranged on the site to minimize the impact of the prevailing westerly winds. The site’s major open spaces and main plaza will be shielded from wind, making the spaces more enjoyable throughout the year.


Rendering: View from Clarise Lane Before Construction

North Facing View from Clarise Lane Before Construction



Rendering: North-East View from Clarise Lane After Construction

Rendering: North Facing View from Clarise Lane After Construction


Open Space

The project proposes almost two acres of open space and includes a 60-foot wide space along the Hetch-Hetchy right of way, which traverses the site from Marco Polo Way to Trousdale Drive. A large portion of this area will be a working “edible garden”.

In addition to the large Hetch-Hetchy open space area, a neighborhood pocket park will be located at Davis Drive. Interior to the site, a series of smaller courtyard gardens, gathering and seating areas, and pathways will encourage social interaction between residents, visitors, employees, and neighbors.



Design Guidelines

The long-range Master Plan will include design guidelines that set standards for future architecture, landscaping, and open spaces. The guidelines define the visual character of the community and ensure that it fulfills the Master Plan. The District will work together with neighbors and community members to develop the design guidelines.

bike rackAccess and Circulation

Pedestrian and bike pathways are designed for easy, safe connections with adjacent neighborhoods. The site has an internal network of accessible pedestrian pathways that allow for easy, unobstructed movement between buildings, access to nearby sidewalks, and a direct pedestrian route to the hospital. Key intersections around the project site along Trousdale Drive and Marco Polo Way have been studied to ensure that drop off areas and entrances to the site do not conflict with pedestrian walkways. Entrances to the underground parking is located onsite away from pedestrian areas.

People boarding busDrop Off Area

At the center of the project, a transit Drop Off Area will host carpoolers, shuttle services, Uber and taxis. It is expected that a dedicated shuttle to BART/Caltrain will create reliable, easy access from the site to regional transit resources. The transit Drop Off Area will expand neighbor’s access to transportation options.

Roadways and Streetscapes

Access to the office buildings and main underground parking garages will be from Trousdale Drive and from the access road that separates the site from the hospital’s main parking lot. Access to senior housing will be primarily from Marco Polo Way and will have minimal impact on the surrounding neighborhood. The transit drop-off area is off Davis Drive.

The sidewalks along Trousdale Drive and Marco Polo Way that are adjacent to the project site will be improved including new street trees to provide, shade, wider sidewalks to improve walkability, bike pathways, and new landscaping in setback areas.

parking sign with treesTraffic and Parking

The District will control the number of cars on the site. Several preliminary traffic analyses indicate that there will be minimal impact to the surrounding neighborhoods. Access to the primary parking garages will be through the Mills Peninsula Medical Center driveway that connects to Trousdale Drive which will have the majority of the project’s traffic.

Up to 800 underground parking spaces will ensure that parking will not impact neighborhood streets. Parking ratios for the various programs were derived from the City of Burlingame and the Institute of Transportation (ITE) standards.

To reduce traffic and parking even further, the District is committed to implementing a robust Transportation Demand Management Program including shuttles, buses, car sharing, carpools, bike sharing, and other alternative modes of transportation.