Construction of The Trousdale is underway. We are anticipating an 18-month construction period and expect to welcome the first residents to The Trousdale in early 2018. Construction activities have been planned in a sequence that minimizes disruption to our neighbors. If a problem does arise, please call our project manager Mark Green: (650) 245-4979 for immediate attention.

This page is intended to provide updates on the construction of The Trousdale. Please check back frequently for the most up to date information.

Construction Reports:

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SJ Amoroso has completed all of the concrete work for the basement including all walls and columns. The ground floor deck has been formed and we anticipate to place the concrete deck by the first week of November. The kitchen area excavation has started and we are currently installing deep utilities. The Kitchen area footings will be placed mid November with a target to pour the kitchen slab the end of November. The tower crane has been erected and we anticipate receiving final sign off from Cal-OSHA by the first week of November to allow for tower crane operation.

Trousdale Construction Report – October 2016

JULY 2016

During the month of July, construction proceeded on schedule.  Shoring and excavation of the basement were completed by SJ Amoroso, the General Contractor, and decisions on interior finishes and signage are being finalized by the owner, PHCD, and its partner and future operator of the facility, Eskaton Senior Housing.

JUNE 3, 2016

Construction of The Trousdale began on May 2, 2016. During the month of May, SJ Amoroso set up their staging area at 1740 Marco Polo Way, which includes a trailer and perimeter fencing. Shoring beams were installed at The Trousdale property line and along the west side adjacent to the Red Cross Building. In addition, the construction team implemented all of the required Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) measures.

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MAY 9, 2016

On May 9, Peninsula Health Care District Board and Burlingame City Council members broke ground on The Trousdale.








MAY 6, 2016
Construction has begun at 1600 Trousdale Drive. Construction vehicles are parking at 1730 Marco Polo Way, but are only using a portion of that parcel for parking. Parking is still available for patients visiting the office building at 1730 Marco Polo.

MAY 2, 2016
Construction  is scheduled to begin the first week of May at 1600 Trousdale Drive at Magnolia. Resident occupancy is scheduled for early 2018. S.J. Amoroso has been selected as the General Contractor. If you are interested in learning more about The Trousdale, wish to get on the waiting list for a residence or want to track the progress of the construction, visit or call (650) 697-6900. Please join our mailing list by emailing

NOVEMBER 16, 2015:
An update letter was mailed to neighbors regarding the project status. In summary. the site for The Trousdale has been fenced and cleared in preparation for the beginning of construction, but was delayed by the need to reduce construction costs. Fortunately, the PHCD Board of Directors was able to determine a way to reduce costs by changing some of the building’s design elements. Since there have been a few changes to the original design, PHCD will be submitting an amendment to the previously approved plan to the Planning Commission on November 23rd. To view the  letter, click Update Letter November 10, 2015. (Of important note, PHCD will be submitting an amendment to the Planning Commission on December 14th, 2015).

AUGUST 6, 2015:
An update letter was mailed to neighbors regarding the project status. In summary, the project was put out to bid according to the public agency competitive bidding process. Unfortunately, the original bids have come in way over budget. The PHCD Board of Directors is trying to understand the reasons for the overages to find ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of the facility. This analysis could add six to 12 months to the construction schedule. To view the letter, click Update Letter, August 6, 2015.

May 2015:
Residency occupancy of The Trousdale is now targeted for early 2018. The Bay Area’s unprecedented construction boom has required us to add steps to the building process that were not expected. Because of the dramatic increase in construction costs, the PHCD Board is now taking action to reduce our expenditures without compromising the quality and ambience of the facility. We invite you to email to sign up for project updates. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about The Trousdale.