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Ceo Fama Announces Retirement 

Dear Peninsula Health Care District community,

It is with respect and pride for the work Peninsula Health Care District (PHCD) has done in support of our community’s health and wellness, that I announce my retirement as PHCD’s Chief Executive Officer in April 2023. 

Since May 1, 2007, I have had the incredible opportunity to work on behalf of the District developing and implementing successful initiatives including the Peninsula Wellness Community Master Plan, Sonrisas Dental Health San Mateo, PHCD Health & Fitness Center, The Trousdale Assisted Living and Memory Care Community, and opening in 2023, the San Mateo allcove Teen Mental Health Center.

Through strategic partnerships and providing facilities, the District has also helped partners expand services to vulnerable populations.  Examples include AbilityPath’s Group Homes in San Mateo, the San Bruno Park School District’s Health Clinic, Samaritan House’s new Burlingame site, and the County’s Alternative Care facilities during the pandemic surge.

As a lifelong resident of San Mateo County, I have been blessed with opportunities to fulfill my passion for addressing the health and wellness of my community.  My healthcare career began as a critical care nurse and progressed over 39 years of hospital work up to my first retirement as President/CEO of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. Fifteen years later, I am now retiring from my encore career as Chief Executive Officer of PHCD. 

I am proud to be part of PHCD’s rich 73-year history of addressing the health of its community, and grateful for the leadership from the PHCD Board, the teamwork and competence of our employees, and the quality of the collaboration with our partners – all have contributed to improving health and wellness in San Mateo County.




Cheryl A. Fama

Chief Executive Officer

Peninsula Health Care District