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Cooperative Independent Living Homes

A suburban scene with two houses behind a white picket fence adorned with flowers.

In 2020, the District recognized the pressing need for inclusive and supportive housing solutions, prompting the acquisition of two five-bedroom residences in San Mateo. Through close collaboration with Community Partners AbilityPath and Parca, the District embarked on an ambitious venture to establish San Mateo County's first cooperative living homes, tailored specifically to adults with developmental disabilities.

This "Cooperative Living" model serves as a beacon of inclusivity and empowerment within the community. By providing affordable housing options customized to the distinct requirements of individuals capable of independent living despite supplemental assistance, the program endeavors to nurture a sense of belonging and self-reliance among its residents.

At its core, this initiative embodies a steadfast commitment to fostering personal growth and autonomy. Through structured support and guidance, residents are empowered to hone essential life skills, from financial management, job search, and household maintenance to meal preparation and navigating public transportation routes. By fostering a supportive environment that champions learning and independence, the cooperative homes exemplify the transformative impact of collaboration and empathy in fostering societal inclusivity and enrichment.