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Our Policy

The Peninsula Health Care District exists to address the health needs of its residents.
It carries this out through a vigilant monitoring of resident health and seeks opportunities to promote health, ensure access to needed health services, and achieve equity in health outcomes.  

It achieves this through a variety of health investment strategies from directly providing services and facilities for needed programs, to partnering with service providers through funding support, to community-based organizations that address the identified needs of our residents.  

The Community Grants Program is one of the strategies the District employs to address the health needs of its residents.

A map highlighting boundaries in a coastal region with labels of cities and other locations.


Our Approach

The Peninsula Health Care District seeks organizations that share our vision to support our residents in achieving their optimal health and wellness through education, prevention and access to basic health services.

We view funding as a partnership. We acknowledge that each community has different strengths and challenges, and we work to tailor our support accordingly. The Community Grants Program seeks innovative programs that:

·    Improve the health of our residents as measured by desired measurable outcomes

·    Emphasize a preventive approach

·    Address health disparities

·    Leverage additional funding to support the program

·    Collaborate with other agencies or local government

What We Support

Every year the District Board identifies the most pressing community health needs and establishes funding priorities for the grant term. We do this through local reports and assessments and by participating in County-wide collaboratives and commissions.

Our 2023 Community Grants Program Focus Areas this cycle:

May contain: person, human, clothing, apparel, people, and family


Healthy Aging

Socialization & Connectivity

Mental Health

Prevention Services & Programs

Preventive Health

Education, Nutrition, Screenings & Physical Activity 

Health Equity

Increasing Health Care Access




May contain: person, human, gravel, dirt road, road, jogging, working out, fitness, sport, exercise, and sports


How to Apply

FAQ: Guidelines & Eligibility


Who is eligible? 

Grants are open to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations or public agencies serving residents of San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo, and ½ of Foster City.

Will the District fund an organization located outside its boundaries? 

Yes, organizations located outside of the District’s boundaries can apply for a grant as long as the organization can demonstrate requested funds will directly benefit residents living within our boundaries.

Which zip codes are in the District's boundaries? 

Zip codes include 94010, 94011, 94030, 94066, 94401, 94402, 94403, 94404, 94497.

Are there programs or projects the grant will not support? 

The District’s Community Grants Program does not fund research projects, fundraising campaigns or events, or general operating support that does not idenitfy metrics to increase or improve reach and impact.

May an organization apply for more than one grant? 

Only one grant request per applicant organization will be considered.

What is the minimum and maximum ask for a grant? 

Grants are made in the range of $10,000 – $60,000.

Will the District cover indirect costs? 

Grant funding is for direct program costs and indirect costs up to 12%.

Are grants annual or may we request multi-year funding? 
  • Organizations are eligible to apply for a one-year grant
  • PHCD grant recipents that have received funding for five years or more may be eligible to apply for a two-year grant. Organizations who are selected to apply for two-year grants will receive an invitation to do so.
Does an organization need to have audited financials to apply for a full grant? 

Copy of your organization's most recently audited financial statement or most recent IRS form 990 is required.

How do I apply for a grant? 

PHCD operates a two-step grant process that begins with a Letter of Intent. A link to the online grants' portal will be provided once an organization is invited to complete a grant application.

Where do I submit my progress report and final report? 

Prompts for the progress report and final report will be available one month before the due date and found in the online portal (Zengine).

What are the reporting requirements for grants? 
  • One-year grants require a mid-year progress report and a final report demonstrating program outcomes.
  • Two-year grants require mid-year progress reports, a mid-term report and a final report demonstrating program outcomes.
  • Year-end Final reports must be submitted before the application deadline.