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Letter of Interest Due Sep 8, 2022 5pm 

The Peninsula Health Care District serves the communities of San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo, half of Foster City and a small southeast corner of South San Francisco. PHCD seeks partner organizations who share our commitment to health equity and are providing services or programs within our district boundaries that address one of the following areas:

Focus Areas

·       Healthy Aging - socialization and connectivity

·       Mental Health - prevention services and programs

·       Preventive Health – screenings and healthy living

Before you begin writing your Letter of Interest (LOI), please review the FAQs on our website as a few  things have changed. LOIs will be written in narrative form this grant cycle.  Please include the following information in a one-two page (12 pt font) word document and submit to by September 8, 2022 at 5:00 pm. 

All LOI information pertains to the program sited in number 2.

1.      Organization’s name

2.      Program title

3.      Priority Funding Area request will address

4.      Program description and the associated activities (see EXAMPLE)

5.      Requested amount

6.      How funds will be used

7.      Total budget

8.      Will requested funds will launch, maintain or expand this program

9.      Location program will take place

10.  Demographics of community to be served

11.  How program will address health disparities

12.  Projected number of people to be served with this funding request

13.  Percentage of the projected number resides in PHCD

14.  Measurement tools used to track impact

15.  Organization’s history with PHCD

16.  Contact name, email and phone number


EXAMPLE - Program description activities:                                  

* activities are the things you do (your services) to accomplish your larger goals around health and wellness improvements.

(Add your program’s name) will use three strategies to achieve improved youth mental health:

1.      Grade level, group presentations about adolescent development including mental health challenges and healthy coping strategies;

2.      School-based drop-in group counseling; and

3.      Individual counseling to students in grades 6-8.

All strategies are school-based services and provided at five schools in San Mateo/Foster City School District. Grade-level presentations are provided by third-year Associates. Group counseling is led by a licensed LMFT who use evidence-based practices and is supported by three Associates. LMFT offer one-on-one counseling to youth who express the need for help on a feedback form distributed during the group presentations and group counseling sessions. PHCD funds will be used to maintain programing strategies 1-2 at all five schools and provide more individual counseling sessions by expanding hours of existing counselors.

Should you have any questions, please email Ann Evanilla-Wasson, Director of Community Engagement